Weekend Activity Bulletin (June 30-July 1)

We may have been late for publishing this week’s activity bulletin, but this doesn’t mean that there are not activities to enjoy this weekend around Ankara. Here are the ideas from Rock Lizards for this weekend:

  1. On Sunday, participate in Gerede Plateau Nature Hike with Gezginder in a cool environment under the trees.
  2. Explore another nice area around Ankara with Gökhan Koçak in Gürleyik River hiking activity and refresh yourself with this watery tour. This is also on sunday. Gökhan reminds to take extra dry clothes.
  3. Gökhan prepares us for DASK’s mountain marathon ADAM. On sunday evening, he arranged a map-compass usage meeting together with a photography presentation around Atakule. We strongly recommend this activity to both participators of ADAM and those who are interested in orienteering.
  4. Join Kertenkeleler in Karakayalar for rock climbing! We will go on saturday, stay there at night camping and continue climbing on sunday at Karakayalar climbing garden. We would be happy to see the climber friends.

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