ADAM 2012 Anatolian Mountain Marathon

Anatolian Mountain Marathon (ADAM), which is organized by DASK (Nature Research, Outdoor Sports and Rescue Society) since 2000, is announced for 2012. This year, ADAM will take place at Bolu Köroğlu Mountains at 20-22 July.
This year, a new “ultra” track is announced together with short, medium and long range tracks. The maximum difficulty level is even higher now. Moreover, short and medium tracks are also 2 days now, meaning all participants will be carrying bags with camping gear. We clearly see the difficulty of tracks by means of the table showing birds-fly distance, approximate total distance and total elevation gain. 2000-3000 meters of ascent in long track is approximately equal to elevation gain of an alpinist for each day. This requires really high performance.
For those who like to loose themselves in the cool forests of Bolu in the middle of summer, use maps and compass, and especially like orienteering, we strongly suggest ADAM. Don’t forget, the matter is not only endurance, but also harmony with your team member, knowing the limits of your body under harsh conditions and planning of routes.

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