A Week Choke Full

Yalıncak Rocks


Last week was amazing! We’ve done many things. On Wednesday afternoon we went out for trail running and didn’t come back until it is dark! On our way back we heard the howling of a dog which led us to a puppy inside a fence trap, built within the forest. We freed the puppy.  We had many, nice pictures. According to Endomondo, we run 14,25 km and ascended and descended hundreds of meters over and over again.

Fence Trap






Two days later, it was the birthday of Ateş which was celebrated briefly. We didn’t even have the time to sit and enjoy but had our two pieces of cake on the trunk of Ateş’s car (!!!). It should be noted that it is really easy to pick a present for a guy who is in to a variety of sports. Just blindly go to Dechatlon and buy some random stuff. It will be of use eventually.

Ates's Birthday



In the weekend Ateş went to Gezginder‘s hiking trip, which took a really long time. Meanwhile Banu and I were studyingo n our theses. Weather was nice, being obligated to stay at home was not. At some point we couldn’t resist the call of the nature and fleet to Seğmenler Park. Having some lunch and reading book on the green grasses… Park was far from crowded. Where were all those people? Sadly we had to accept the fact that the major portion of the population was in shopping malls.


Gezginder Hiking Trip

Gezginder Hiking Trip












Thus ended another tiresome weekend. Monday. Desk. Ringing phones, email swarms, jobs waiting to be done… All of a sudden, it was the “the call” again. In lunch break we stuffed the böreks which Banu’s mother prepared in our bags, printed out geocaching maps, jumped on our bikes and rode all the way to Bilkent-3 via trails of Yalincak. Locating the geocache wasn’t difficult. We wrote our names in the log, gnaw upon the böreks and rode back hard to make it to the meeting in the office at 14:00. 14 km. 1,5 hours. Total elevation of 350 m. Not bad.


Cycling near Bilkent-3







Flowers and Upcoming Rain



Yalincak View




Tuesday… Magpies singing far away. I can see tall pines from my office window and the cool breeze filling inside carry me their scent. And the call…

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