Weekend Adventures – Rock Climbing and Cycling

It was mid-week when Deniz Tokay from Gezginder announced that we would be going to Hüseyin Gazi on Saturday for rock climbing. We started dreaming of rocks and climbing while we hurried to finish our jobs for the week. Bryan, one of our touring cyclist friends, arrived at Banu’s home after three weeks of cycling. It was easy to persuade Bryan to go rock climbing, since he have been climbing in Colorado for many years.

Bryan watching our progress

We headed up to Ayna Kayalar very early in the morning. Deniz Tokay said that we should be concentrating on abseiling since we were going to climb Mount Demirkazık next weekend (where we would abseil a lot).

We had to do some not-so-easy rock-climbing to set up our abseiling station at the top of Ayna Kayalar. Ateş and Deniz went up in front to set up the station. While we were descending, our instructor Deniz Tokay was photographing us.

It was still early when we finished abseiling, so we changed the abseiling station to a top-rope configuration to try out climbing Ayna Kaya. We set up our second rope also as top-rope to a deep crack in the rock. The deep crack is not hard, but just an unusual route to climb. Deniz hurt himself while abseiling through this crack. It was not easy to belay at the bottom either.

Deniz stuck!

It's hard to belay at the bottom














While we were trying to climb the deep crack, a loud applause came from the other top-rope climbers (it was not possible to see that part from the deep crack). It turns out that our gruop was cheering for Bryan, who climbed Ayna Kaya. Ayna Kaya, which can be translated as Mirror Rock is a flat, shiny block of rock. While we were setting up the station, we did not think anyone would be able to climb. After Bryan, we tried climbing Ayna Kaya through thin cracks.

Ateş did not want to depart from the thin crack route. He managed to go one third of the route using the very thin crack and very small footholds.

Banu tried quitting a couple of times, but with our persistent cheering she managed to climb up to the top

Göl Kenarında Keyif

After getting tanned at rock climbing on saturday, we planned an evening cycling tour through Yalıncak. Bryan and Ahmet joined us in our plans. After wandering around trails, we rested ( which means biscuits!) by the lake side. We climbed to Ahlatlıbel, showing off Yalıncak to Bryan.

The sun was setting when we arrived at our favorite photo spot. The setting sun’s rays were ideal for photography so we spent some time there. We decided that it would be better if we cycled back just when things were getting out of control…

Did they fall?!

We love our bikes!


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  1. MSK - 02/07/2012 at 11:40 Reply

    Great pictures guys, wish i was there enjoying it with you

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