New Week, New Bicycles, High Motivation! – Part 2

Our experiences in Eymir confirmed our mistrust in our old bikes. We had to find an urgent solution to this problem. After breakfast we went to Delta Bicycles (yes we still had to work to do). We had worked on a list of bicycles and bicycle parts a few days earlier, but with proffessional and constructive help from the Delta Bicycles crew our list turned into something completely different. During our interaction with Delta Bicycles, we had the opportunity to introduce our team and the race that we were going to participate. They were really enthusiastic about our team and the race. They were really helpful and gave us ideas concerning the race. We chatted about past and future projects (we all have many, don’t we). We learned that they had carried a bike to the top of Mount Ararat, and were jealous of them. You can click here or here. We told them that we would love to participate in future activities. After a two hour meeting we believe that our team and Delta Bicycles have formed a bond of friendship and support.

We went home, but our minds were on the bikes. Were at Delta Bicycles early in the morning. Our bikes were reserved and the first checks of the bikes were in order.

Our new Correatech bikes

Our new bikes need some introduction. Corratec X-Vert S 0.4. We had some experience riding a X-Vert Halcon and the ZZYZX MTB 660 handlebar was really comfortable. Cannondale’s Trail SL 1 was an alternative. At last we decided on the X-Vert S 0.4 with the help of the Delta Bicycles crew. A detailed bicycle review will be posted shortly.

New shiny chain on our new bikes

We loaded the bikes into the car, went to campus. Even though we had lots of work to do we could not resist the urge to go on a ride. We should have known that it was not possible to go on a “short trip”. We found ourselves in Yalıncak, going uphill through a path known as Bugi Bugi. Normally we would be hard pressed going up due to balance and terrain conditions, but this time -with the help of our new bikes- we went up with comfort and joy. After the ride we left our bikes at the office and went home.

Start of a new week, Monday morning. We left the house for office with our old bikes. It was kind of an emotional ride because I was riding my 18 year old bike Bianchi Meta for the last time. At noon we got on our new bikes, and went to Yalıncak even though it was really hot. We settled at a calm place in the shade, got our food out and spent some time reading and relaxing. Just what we needed to get rid of Monday blues.

Ateş came to the campus just when it was beginning to get dark. We went on a trail running workout, which we have been postponing for some time. There were losts of steep and long uphill trails in our workout. We ran through trails that we never have passed before, and was surprised by the nature of Yalıncak once again. We watched the sunset while we ran..

Lunch break in Yalıncak

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