Rock Lizards, Thursday Night Cyclists (PAB) and News…

Rock Lizards are on Haber Türk Ankara Newspaper

For last thursday, as soon as we heard the announcement of Thursday Night Cyclists (Perşembe Akşamı Bisikletçileri-PAB) for a cycle with a theme; we quickly decided to participate. The theme: make a cycling tour with elegant dresses, and in the center of Ankara! It is a perfect opportunity to both show other people that bicycle can be used under any condition and create some awareness. Moreover, it is perfect fun to do this with 100 people sharing the same idea!

We quickly started preparations. As we were trying to decide what to do, Deniz arranged beige vests that will look stylish on our elegant dresses. We completed team uniforms with the print of a big Lizard logo and web address on the back of the vests.

When we met in Güvenpark on 8 p.m., all cyclists had already gathered in anxiety. We also joined the crowd. We quickly found ourselves talking to guys in the group of almost 100; telling about Rock Lizards, that we all work in the offices but we are struggling to achieve something; how we want to encourage people who are not involved in sports and outdoor activities and so on. All the people we talked to listened to us with a great interest and encouraged us. All those guys are people that already share the same idea. Friends from the media organizations also followed the group with their bikes, showed great interest to Rock Lizards, taking photos and making interviews.

And the snapshot above is a photograph on the cover of Haber Türk Ankara on 16th of June, taken after an interview.
Moreover, the news on PAB activity with an information on our team on Bisiklet Haber can be reached from this link .

When we arrived at the last stop, Kuğulu Park, we gathered around the tables. Together with the new participants, we introduced the team and talked about our vision. We were witnessing how a group of people in a harmony could be so successful to spread out the culture of cycling. And here, we want to repeat:

Dear Thursday Night Cyclists! We know that we can do so many things together as a group and we are supporting you all. We, Rock Lizards will be together again with you! See you on thursday nights!

By the way, Rock Lizards had many photos in the news of Bisiklet Haber. Also, there is a video including a short interview with Mert on the bike. The following are some of the photos and the links of the others. We want to thank Bisiklet Haber for the photos. The links are below:

Rock Lizards are together with PAB

We are introducing ourselves on the last stop

Team clothes

During the ride

































And the links for these and other photos:

Rock Lizard Clothes                           Kertenkeleler Arkadan

During the Ride                                    Sürüş Sırasında

Mert on the Bike                                     Ateş Bisiklette

Banu on the Bike                                     Sırayla Sürüyoruz

Mert and Ateş during photo taking             Kızlar fotoğraf çekiliyor

The guys are posing                  Konuşma sırasında

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  1. Mark Osborne - 20/06/2012 at 17:02 Reply

    I so want you to be wearing bowler hats next time!

    See how good we looked.

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