Weekend Activity Bulletin (9-10 June)

So came the second half of the week. Plans for the weekend are being made. Wait for another moment and read our weekend activity suggestions before making your plans ! Here are the suggestions of Rock Lizards:

1. A whole day’s cycling from Besevler to the Lake Eymir with Atilim University Cycling Association.  3. Eymir Tour begins early in Sunday. Cyclists ascend with slow pace all the way to the Lake Eymir. Bike rental is also an option but we believe the quota is already full for rentals.

2. A beautiful Sunday’s hiking trip with Gökhan Koçak to Nallıhan Uyuzsuyu Şelalesi. Weather seems to be nice and warm. Though our guide recommends bringing an extra pair of shoes which can only mean one thing: wet river crossings !

3.  Go outside the city limits for a hike in Gerede, Dorukkaya’da Doğa Yürüyüşü with Zirve Dağcılık.

4. For all those who have the technical equipment and experience rock climbing in Peksimet, Huseyingazi is another option for this weekend. Be careful though, it will be sunny and hot !

5. Go out camping to Mount Işık, enjoy the woods and nature.

6.Enjoy Yedigöller at spring, unlike usual fall; with Gezginder at “Yedigöller Life at Nature” daily hike at Saturday.

If you have different suggestions please share with us.

We wish you all a fine, enjoyable weekend !


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