Together with Mark in Ankara

Rock Lizards hosted Mark Osborne, who is on a world tour with his bike.

Mark at Home with his bike unloaded

He started his journey from Britain at January, 2012. He is cycling around the world for Multiple Sclerosis disease. He is in Turkey for the second time, after his accident between Polatlı and Sivrihisar last year. He stayed in Ankara between 4-13 May for obtaining Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan visas.

We had perfect times with Mark during his stay in Ankara. His sincerity, energy and openness to everyone as a life style changed our perspectives. We listened to his many stories around the world, learned a lot about bicycles and got into many exciting ideas about routes around the world. We also cycled around Ankara, including METU campus and Cappadocia. He is about to leave Turkey. We are  thrilled to follow his route as he is moving on towards the east, and read about marvelous stories about different kinds of people around the world from his blog.

Here is Mark’s blog. Also, he has a post about his stay together with us. You can follow last records of his spot locator, or watch all records of his journey.

Mark loading the bike before leaving


The bike is about 60 kgs when loaded. Deniz has hard time cycling it.

The group under the moon light at night ride in Yalıncak





MSK logo on Mark's bike
















And the following is the Endomondo record for our night ride at Yalıncak.

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