Cycling in Cappadocia

Rock Lizards were at cycling tour at Cappadocia with Mark Osborne, who is on a world tour with his bicycle.

Mark and Rock Lizards in Cappadocia

We started the cycle from Uçhisar, from where we went down to Göreme. Passing through Göreme Open Air Museum and many scenery points, we arrived at Ürgüp. Going on with the cycling through Mustafapaşa, we were caught in a heavy rain and hail; luckily under the shelter of a gas station. The hail stopped after a long time, the weather was still dark and cool though. Considering this, we started our trip back to Göreme. After repairing a flat tire after Göreme, we arrived back at Uçhisar castle through the nice streets in the village.

You can find more about Mark Osborne and his stay in Ankara in this post.



The group at the top of fairy chimneys

It is hard to cycle through narrow paths in the valleys









Oops, the path has ended!

Cycle up through the rain










And the Endomondo record for the ride is below:

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