Weekend Activity Bulletin (June 16-17)

Weekend approaches real quick. Choose your poison! Here are the Rock Lizards’ suggestions for this weekend:

1. Join Rock Lizards team for rock climbing in Peksimet, Huseyingazi. June 16th, Saturday. We leave early in the morning, while rocks are still cool.

2. Join Gezginder for a full weekend’s camping trip: Open Air Camping with Children. Take your children, younger brothers and sisters and nieces. This will be a very special activity, involving building up tents, hiking trips, sharing responsibilities and lots of games. A must for healthy development of children. This activity takes a bright star from Team Rock Lizards!

3. Go for  a hiking trip to Kuzey Yeşili Lake Route with Gezginder. A relatively new route. Not easy as well… June 16th, Saturday.

4. Take a one day trip to Ihlara Valley with Gökhan Koçak. Expected temperature is 25C. Those who haven’t seen Ihlara before, should check the internet for some pictures. Marvellous!

5. Attend to a free seminar by famous Turkish climber Nasuh Mahruki: Climb Your Personal Everest. The seminar will be held in June 16th Saturday evening at 19:00, at TÜTEV, Mebusevleri.

We wish you a weekend full of adventure!

Team Rock Lizards

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