Cycling 50 kms in METU Campus

Our mascot is hungry for more kilometers


Rock Lizards cycled 51,7 kms in METU Campus on Saturday morning. Our lizard mascot is hungry for more kilometers!

We started riding around the campus. Covered with dark clouds, we were suspicious if it will rain or not. Waiting for the rain that doesn’t come, we couldn’t stop ourselves to dive into the forest, Yalıncak. As we all know though, Yalıncak has a soil that turns into mud instantly with a few drops of rain; that makes all the tires stuck into it.

Accepting our fate, we cycled through steep terrain close to Ahlatlıbel. Enjoying the view and fast ride-down, we ended up again in the campus. After a few tours around the campus to different places, we completed our cycling as we rush through a restaurant in campus center. It was a cloudy ride without even a drop of rain!

The following is our Endomondo record for this cycle.

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